Based on our company policy, we establish our quality policy as the guideline to act as"progress, dynamism and speed" with the aim of improving quality.

1. Ensure the motto that customers come first and do not let any defective products flow out to the following process.

2. Establish a system which is able to convince yourself that products flowing before you are good ones.

3. Try to improve constantly and aim one rank better quality.

Action Items

- Based on the new product launch workflow plans, try to achieve with all power the required quality, cost and productivity.

- Ensure the production change point control and endeavor to have flawless quality control.

- Ensure maintenance of equipment, molds, jigs and tools in order to ensure quality.

- Promote direct and indirect measures to deal with chronic defects.

- Encourage employees to learn quality maters in order to improve their competence and strengthen quality awareness .

- Find the true cause of a defect when it occurs and let all sections not to repeat the defect again.

- Set quality targets and improvement plans for each work shop and continuously check their progress.

- Improve (Continuously move ahead with improvements to) constantly the quality management system so that it can work always effectively.

-The other demands consented to by the company in relation to the environment.

April 18th, 2011
Tetsuo Fujii, President Sanwa Co., Ltd .