Based on the concept “the environmental conservation is the basic condition for corporate management” and with a strong will that “we will act for the global environment protection as members of global inhabitants ”,we will act always “environmentally” aware.

1. We will use resources efficiently and eliminate useless consumption of global resources.

2. We will make our best efforts to prevent the Global Pollution.

3.We will aim to coexist with society and improve the global environment.


- Observation of laws and regulations concerning environment

- Proactive promotion of resource and energy saving

- Promotion of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle aiming Zero Emission

- Reduction of environmental pollutants

- Controlling and reduction of chemical-containing products

- Proactive improvements to reduce factory noise, vibrations, etc.

- Making environmental action plans for each work shop and regular follow-up of the progress

- Creation of a corporate culture to enhance environmental awareness

- Constant improvement to keep the environmental management system running

- Observance of other requiments which we agree with

April 18th, 2011
Tetsuo Fujii, President Sanwa Co.,Ltd.